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Amtrak to pause trains as clock ticks over to 2000

While the company believes its systems are Y2K-ready, it says all Amtrak trains operating on New Year's Eve will stop briefly in the nearest station just prior to midnight on Dec. 31 before resuming operations.

Amtrak trains will be making some additional New Year's Eve stops.

Y2K: The cost of fear While Amtrak believes its systems are Y2K-ready, all 53 trains operating on New Year's Eve will stop as briefly as possible in the nearest stations just prior to midnight on Friday, Dec. 31, before resuming operations, the company said.

Amtrak said the stop will allow system administrators to make sure computers make the transition successfully before trains continue along their travels.

On Dec. 31 and throughout the weekend, Amtrak will double the number of staff monitoring train operations from Amtrak's Consolidated National Operations Center in Wilmington, Del. The team will be in constant contact with train crews and with other railroads. Extra personnel will be working through the weekend.

Microsoft's day in court The Year 2000 problem, also known as the millennium bug, stems from an old programming shortcut that used only the last two digits of the year. Many computers now must be modified or they may mistake the year 2000 for the year 1900 and malfunction.