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AMD's 64-bit adventure begins

Advanced Micro Devices is betting on its new Athlon 64, which has something rival Intel chips haven't: the ability to run 64-bit software.

roundup The wraps come off Athlon 64, which AMD is betting will help it pull away from Intel by offering something its archrival's chips haven't got: the ability to get on with 64-bit software.

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Gates looks ahead to 64-bit era
Bill Gates, chairman, Microsoft

update Advanced Micro Devices officially launches its Athlon 64 processor in several varieties, including an Athlon 64 FX processor for desktops and three Athlon 64 models for desktops and notebooks.
September 23, 2003

Via Technologies announces a chipset that uses Advanced Micro Devices' new Athlon 64 processor, becoming the latest company to back the controversial chip.
September 23, 2003

Advanced Micro Devices' Athlon 64 chip gives PC buyers the ability to upgrade to 64-bit software--a feature Intel's Pentium doesn't offer.
September 23, 2003

The software giant announces the availability of a beta version of its Windows operating system for the new Athlon 64 processor.
September 23, 2003

Taiwan-based Silicon Integrated Systems smoothes the way for computer makers to support AMD's upcoming Athlon 64 with two chipsets tailored to the processor.
September 22, 2003