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Amazon, NBC in cross-marketing deal

The TV network is promoting the e-tailer as a place where its viewers can buy products that appear on some of its programs.

NBC is promoting as a place where its viewers can buy products that appear on some its television programs.

For example, when a book, author, musician or subject is featured on NBC or cable affiliates CNBC and MSNBC, the network will refer viewers to the Seattle-based e-tailer for the related products.

On Amazon's site, the products are grouped on a special page with headings such as "As seen on NBC" and "As seen on CNBC," for example.

NBC had a similar cross-promotional marketing deal with NBC Internet, the network's online venture, before the site was drastically scaled back. AOL Time Warner is touting the power of marketing products online from its far-flung empire, including books from its publishing arm, music from its recording studio and films from its movie division.

The cross-promotion with NBC could be a boon to Amazon, which is seeking to boost sales.