Jeff Bezos posing on wind turbine may be peak Jeff Bezos

Commentary: Amazon's CEO has a new way of christening wind farms.

Chris Matyszczyk
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Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

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One can never look at Jeff Bezos the same way again after this picture.

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Once, Jeff Bezos seemed like so many other nerds in the new firmament of tech power. A seemingly slight man with a diffident smile, he projected little physicality.

Amazon 's CEO has done some pivoting since.

First, there were the rockets and the posing in a flight suit beside them. Then there were the biceps, displayed at the Sun Valley Conference and so big that his polo shirt screamed for mercy.

And now here he is on top of a wind turbine, clutching a bottle of champagne.

In olden times, the Queen would stand at the docks and swing a bottle of champagne at the hull of some already obsolete ship. Instead, here was Bezos on top of a turbine at Amazon's new Scurry County, Texas, wind farm, ready to christen the project open.

Sadly, his biceps were a little more covered than at Sun Valley.   

Bezos has been using his muscle -- at least in the business sense -- to expand Amazon's reach. The e-commerce giant continues to gain a foothold in many homes through its ever growing line of Alexa devices. Amazon also has its hands in everything from groceries to drones.

The company is also expanding in a very literal way. Today is the last day for cities to submit proposals to host Amazon HQ2. And goodness, have some been embarrassingly fawning. I'm looking right at you, New York.

In September, Amazon said it was looking to build a second headquarters. It plans to hire as many as 50,000 people for high-paying jobs and expects to spend over $5 billion on the project.

Back on top the windmill, Bezos displayed a swing with all the mellifluous rhythm of the president clutching a golf club. It can't be easy waiting for the camera to be in position -- he was perched hundreds of feet up -- and ensuring that you strike in just the right place at the right time.

After all, it didn't look like Bezos had a spare bottle of champagne up there, in case the first effort failed.

In a tweet Thursday, Bezos himself described it as a "fun day." Ah, but not everyone can fun the way Jeff Bezos has fun.

Fun, for him, seems to be associated with power. Look, he's even got the wind under his control now.

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