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Amazon is helping its employees quit... and start their own package delivery businesses

The program will have former employees deliver packages for Amazon.

Amazon wants its employees to start their own businesses and is going to help. 
Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images

To deliver packages faster, Amazon last year introduced a program to encourage more entrepreneurs to start their own package delivery businesses.

The company on Monday said it's now expanding this program, called Delivery Service Partner, to get its own employees to join.

Amazon offers up to $10,000 to join the program. As an added incentive for its employees to quit and become delivery partners, it's also offering a payment equivalent to three months of the employee's gross salary.

The partnership program is part of Amazon's work to vastly expand its shipping capabilities and help it deliver packages even faster. Last month, Amazon said it's working on turning its Prime two-day shipping program into one-day shipping, which should add pressure on the company to build up more of its shipping infrastructure.

Since the partnership program started last June, Amazon said its helped in the creation of over 200 new small businesses that have hired thousands of delivery drivers. Amazon said it expects to add hundreds more of these businesses this year.

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