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Amazon is expanding its health care service across the US this summer

The health care service will be available to more than just Amazon employees.

Amazon Care is expanding.
Angela Lang/CNET

Amazon Care, the company's health care service, is rolling out Wednesday to companies based in Washington state, with plans to go nationwide with virtual care in the summer. 

"Amazon Care enables employers to provide access to high quality medical care within 60 seconds for employees, including options for care around the clock through messaging or video," the company said in a statement Wednesday, also noting services like COVID-19 tests, flu tests and preventive care. 

The service in Washington is primarily focused on telehealth, but Amazon Care can also send medical professionals to homes for in-person services such as drawing blood or listening to someone's lungs.

The national service will be virtual care only, except for a small number of cities including Washington, DC, and Baltimore, where the in-person service will roll out too.

Until now, Amazon Care has only been available to Amazon employees in Washington, where the company is based.

This marks the company's latest foray into health care. In November, Amazon launched its Alexa Care Hub for elder and family care and gave Prime members two-day delivery on pharmacy orders through Amazon Pharmacy.