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ALR draws six-shooter server

Advanced Logic Research introduces a new Windows NT server that features six Pentium Pro processors.

Advanced Logic Research (AALR) today introduced a new Windows NT server for the Internet that features six Pentium Pro processors, making it one of the most powerful Intel-based servers to date.

The new Revolution 6X6 server is designed for use by companies running demanding applications on intranets and the Internet, as well as for use as a server in networks that connect users over wide area networks, or WANs.

ALR claims that many of the transaction-based applications, such as large databases, are too demanding for current four-processor Pentium Pro servers. ALR's "six-way" (six-processor) system provides up to 43 percent more performance than four-way designs, the company says.

Aside from increased performance, the multiprocessor system offers automatic recovery from system crashes to prevent businesses from losing money while their computers are down. If a processor fails, the ActiveCPR automatic recovery system can take the processor offline and restart the operating system within minutes, ALR says.

The Revolution 6X6 server system supports up to six 200-MHz Pentium Pro processors with 512K integrated level-2 cache, and comes with 128MB of memory. Of a total of 14 storage bays for devices such as hard drives and CD-ROMs, six drive bays can be removed or inserted while the system is running for easier service and increased reliability. ALR says that with two optional Storage Expander units, the system can provide 300GB of hot-swappable drive storage.

The Revolution 6X6 in a base configuration will be priced at $14,995 and will be available in March.

In related news, ALR also announced a joint technology alliance to cooperate with Unisys (UIS) on the advancement of six-way symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) CPU technology.