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All washed up: On-demand laundry startup Washio closes its doors

After launching in 2013, the on-demand laundry service says it's shutting down immediately.

Wait, does this mean I have to do my own laundry now?
MediaforMedical/Michel Cardoso, UIG via Getty Images

Why do your own laundry when there's a service out there that promises to pick up your clothes within 24 hours and return them to you just a day later?

That was the idea behind Washio, an on-demand laundry startup that launched in 2013 and quickly spread to New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, Oakland and Washington D.C. Unfortunately, Washio posted a letter to its site on August 29 saying it was closing its doors effective immediately.

Read Washio's letter to its customers below:

Dear Washio Community,

We started Washio some 4 years ago with a simple goal in mind: to clean the world's clothes. That mission began from our kitchen counter, and led us through an incredible journey over the last few years as we became the nation's largest dry clean and laundry service. We served our loyal customers in six cities across the country, 7 days a week, morning noon and night, with 24-hour turnaround for clean clothes. A proposition that still, to this day, does not exist in the offline world.

We generated millions in revenue and hundreds of thousands of orders, but the nature of startups is being innovative and venturing into uncharted territory: sometimes you make it, sometimes you don't. We are proud of what we accomplished along the way: over one million items of clothing dry cleaned, and over 21,000 tons of laundry washed and folded!

As of Aug 29, Washio will be shutting down its operations. No more orders will be accepted and outstanding orders will be returned promptly to customers.

We are not alone in believing in Washio's core business, technology and team, and hope it lives on in some shape or form in the future. But, that story has yet to be told...

From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank you for all of your support and belief in Washio, our vision and our love for sharing cookies and clean clothes.


Jordan, Juan and Bob

Washio Co-Founders

Similar on-demand laundry services like FlyCleaners are still around, though, for those of you looking to fill your Washio void.