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Canceled visit? That's OK, Airbnb will let you post a review

Before now, if guests had a bad home rental experience they couldn't leave a review unless they completed their stay. That's changing.

Airbnb will let users leave reviews no matter how long their stay.

Sometimes when people stay at an Airbnb home rental and have a bad experience, they'll cancel their stay or leave early. Typically, Airbnb doesn't allow these people to leave a review. But soon they'll be able to.

After UK regulators looked into this issue, during an investigation of online reviews, Airbnb agreed to change its system. The change will take place in all Airbnb markets by Aug. 31.

"Open and honest reviews are core to making Airbnb a trusted travel platform for millions of hosts and guests in 191 countries around the world," an Airbnb spokesman said in an email. "Ensuring that all of our hosts and guests can leave a review, regardless of whether the reservation was completed in full or not, will continue to strengthen our mutual review system."

The UK regulators, known as the Competition and Markets Authority, or CMA, said that it's important for people to say why they canceled their stay or left early. Problems with a rental could include a rude host, dirty accommodations or something other than the guests expected.

"Online reviews and opinions left by other guests are an important source of information," Gordon Ashworth, CMA project director, said in a statement. "It's therefore imperative that customers are able to access the complete picture about a property they are considering booking."

Before now, if guests cut their stay early, they could only leave a review by going through Airbnb's customer services department.