Acorn joins rush for Internet boxes

Acorn Computer plans to enter its NetStation to expanding Internet box race.

Mike Ricciuti Staff writer, CNET News
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Mike Ricciuti
Acorn Computer, joining a long and growing list of companies entering the network computer race, said it will ship its Acorn NetStation in October.

NetStation will sell for $618 and will use a standard television set to broadcast video. Users will be able to surf the Web using a remote-control handset with the system, which uses an ARM microprocessor.

Several other makers this week launched their own versions of the Internet box, a device designed primarily for Net access and affordability.Acer Acer unveiled a $500 box yesterday, and on Monday, Wyse Technology rolled out a $500 terminal, along with a plan to let users rent software by the hour.

A slew of companies are planning launch Internet boxes throughout the year, including Apple Computer, HDS Network Systems, IBM, Sun River Data Systems, and Diba.

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