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Acer notebooks get MMX

The PC maker is adding new Pentium MMX-powered notebooks to its lineup.

Acer America is the latest notebook manufacturer to expand its lineup with Intel's new multimedia microprocessors.

Two new models from the company will feature a 150-MHz Pentium MMX chip.

A high-end AcerNote Light 386 model is priced at $3,499 and includes a 2GB hard drive, 32MB of EDO RAM, 256K of level 2 cache, a 10-speed CD-ROM, and a 33.6-kbps PC card fax-modem.

A midrange notebook, the AcerNote Light 383, also includes a 2.0GB hard drive, 256 KB of level 2 cache, and a 10-speed CD-ROM, as well as 24MB of EDO RAM, priced at $2,599.

The two new entries also include a zoomed video port that supports MPEG decoding and video capture and playback.