AccountMate tracks customer info

AccountMate's Contact Manager links into the company's sales order management software to automate customer information management.

AccountMate Software will begin selling the latest version of Contact Manager to run with Microsoft Windows 95 and Windows NT before the end of the month, the Mill Valley, California-based company said today.

The 32-bit software, which retails for $1,195, integrates the company's Visual AccountMate System Manager and Sales Order modules and several Microsoft applications, the company said. In concert with Microsoft BackOffice, Contact Manager automates sales contact information and allows salespeople to move between the application and the company's other sales order and accounts receivable data management tools. When integrated with Word 7.0, the program boasts a report designer, auto phone dialer, contact notepad, and email capabilities.

Its database stores, sorts, and categorizes business and financial data on perspective customers and notes on how the sales contact was made. The database can also search and retrieve by company name, contact name, zip code, telephone number, recall date, and salesperson. Users can custom-define 48 fields, the company said.

The product will run on systems using Windows 95 and NT 3.51 or above and requires 486-base or Pentium Processor and at least 16 megabytes of free disk space.