A whole new Macworld

Apple's iMac is front and center, surrounded by new products and lingering questions on the company's turnaround efforts.

CNET News staff
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Some think that the Macworld Expo should be renamed iMacworld for all its emphasis on the new Apple consumer system. The excitement surrounding the New York show seems to highlight Steve Jobs's profitable business strategy, though it remains to be seen whether the company can complete its turnaround.

Will iMac's rollout be enough?
lead story With the anticipation surrounding its biggest and most challenging product launch in recent memory comes the danger of Apple's failing to deliver.

Jobs: Apple pegs growth to iMac
Apple moves beyond merely surviving and is now demonstrating it can grow again, Steve Jobs says in his Macworld keynote address.

Macworld to return to Boston
The trade show will abandon the Big Apple after only one year.

Speed boosts for Mac on tap
Upgrade cards extend the life of older Mac clones as well as the more recent Power Mac G3 systems.

Mac OS 8.5 due in September
Previously known as Allegro, Mac OS 8.5 will start to ship by "late in the third quarter," according to Apple executives.

Apple up on Macworld momentum
The computer maker's stock hits a new high as interim CEO Steve Jobs confirms Wall Street's expectations that it would post a third-quarter profit.

Apple-Microsoft match paying off
news analysis Analysts agree that the two companies have made substantial progress since the software giant invested $150 million in Apple.

BellSouth offers ADSL for Macs
The telco plans to offer its high-speed Net access to Mac users, just in time for Apple's release of the consumer iMac.

A peek at Disney Blast for Mac
update Disney Online says Blast Online, Disney's online service for kids, is now available for a sneak preview to Macintosh users free of charge.

Apple extras fill up the show
Macworld's focus will fall squarely on the consumer iMac, but loads of new software and hardware will be ready for other products.

Jobs's amazing appearing act
Apple's interim chief executive catches his own staff by surprise by showing up to address show attendees in New York.