A shifting scene for chipmakers

With its IDF event opening up, Intel makes some noise about quad-core chips and new Itaniums. AMD, meanwhile, isn't backing down.

CNET News staff
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With its developer forum taking place this week, Intel makes some noise about quad-core chips and new Itaniums. AMD, meanwhile, isn't willing to concede any ground.

Intel puts four on the floor

This week's Intel Developer Forum should reveal more about quad-core processor designs and plans for mobile and server chips.
September 25, 2006

Agere chip to power low-cost music cell phones

Inexpensive chip would support mobile music players offering CD-quality sound, help boost sales in emerging markets.
September 25, 2006

Intel, Omnicom developing ad standards for interactive TV

blog Idea is to replace traditional TV spots with ads that might alienate viewers less, give advertisers a better way to target ads and measure viewers.
September 24, 2006

Intel to sell new Itanium servers

"White box" systems, running on "Montecito" processors, can be emblazoned with other PC makers' logos.
Photos: New Itanium servers
September 22, 2006

AMD's CTO says Intel messed up

newsmakers With a few strong years of market gains and product reviews, AMD isn't about to rest on its laurels.
September 22, 2006

Samsung exec heads for prison over price fixing

U.S.-based executive agrees to plead guilty for his part in fixing prices of memory chips used in PCs and cell phones.
September 21, 2006

AMD chip socket makes room for others

Licensing move will let others build specialized coprocessors that will plug into sockets tailored to Opteron or Athlon.
September 20, 2006

Honda investing in chips to help cars see

Cars can't see, but Canesta's chips could let the driver know if you are too getting too close to another object.
September 19, 2006

Multiply is in. But will Viiv do fractions?

Intel's new marketing slogan: Multiply! Chipmaker to release a big ad campaign to promote dual-core processors.
September 17, 2006

Making mountains out of multicore

Start-up PeakStream's software is designed to adapt technical computing tasks to graphics and multicore chips.
September 17, 2006