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Drone sneaks peek at Apple's 'spaceship' campus in progress

A GoPro strapped to a quadcopter offers the best look yet at Apple's "Campus 2," currently under construction.

Construction of Apple's spaceship has already taken off. Apple

Perhaps Steve Jobs' most lasting legacy from his time at Apple will be the huge new spaceship-shaped campus currently under construction in Cupertino.

Just a few months before his death in 2011, Jobs presented the plan to the Cupertino City Council, and since then we've seen plenty of images of how " Campus 2" will look when complete. But an enterprising drone pilot used a quadcopter and a GoPro to go above the walls of the construction site to grab the best views yet of the new facility in progress.

What a particularly clever way to get a first-hand look at the site while also avoiding all those nasty traffic delays from the construction.

It's tough to know exactly what we're looking at in much detail, but clearly plenty of concrete has been poured, future tunnels beneath the facility are visible, and the grand scale and shape of the facility is also clear. I'd like to think that the long elevated ramp in the middle of the main oval is where new employees will saunter toward darkened cubicles to work on wacky new projects that may or may not be real.

Apple's new mother ship is currently expected to be completed sometime in 2016. Check out the progress that's been made since the groundbreaking less than a year ago below.