9 great reads from CNET this week

Our wildest predictions for the 2020s, how Disney Plus trounced Apple TV Plus in the streaming wars and what one editor wants to see in an inevitable Star Wars reboot.

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Oh, how the Force was with us during on this second to last week of the year and the decade! Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker only just opened, but it's been pretty much all-consuming for fans debating the merits of the wrapup to a nine-movie saga, four decades in the making.

Meanwhile, we've also been reflecting and projecting, with recaps aplenty of 2019 as well as predictions for what lies ahead -- beyond the continued gushing over Baby Yoda and Babu Frik, which is a given. CNET also gave out its first-ever innovation awards this week in celebration of 2019's breakthrough technologies.

Here are the week's stories you don't want to miss:

A Star Wars reboot is inevitable. Here's what I want

Commentary: Sound crazy? Hear me out.

Walt Disney Pictures

Facebook becomes more powerful even as scandals pile up

The social network's terrible year is more evidence that no one trusts it.

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This dad learned to code in jail. Now he's connecting other prisoners to their kids

Once separated by prison, Antoine Patton and his daughter built Photo Patch, an app that lets incarcerated parents stay in better touch with their children.

Dos Coco Locos

The biggest tech issues in the 2020 presidential election

From busting up big tech to protecting consumer privacy, tech issues will likely take center stage on the campaign trail and in Washington.

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VR in the 2010s: My decade with things on my face

From the Nintendo Wii to Oculus to the HoloLens and Pokemon Go, the last 10 years of both VR and AR brought some good, some bad and plenty of weird.

James Martin/CNET

Six truths about your phone's battery life: Fast charging, overcharging, overheating

We asked experts what fast chargers do to our phone's battery over time and how to extend its life. Here's what we learned.

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Europe is so not done regulating Google and other US tech giants

The third outstanding antitrust case involving Google was finally resolved in 2019, but the EU has a whole new set of targets in its sights.

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Disney Plus battled Apple TV Plus in 2019's first streaming war, and won big

Apple had no match for Baby Yoda.


The 2020s: Our wildest predictions for the next decade

Life in 2030 could barely be recognizable if these bold predictions come true.