9 great reads from CNET this week

We unfold Samsung's new folding phone; step through Portal, Facebook's new chat device; and examine how restaurant apps serve up your personal information.

CNET News staff

Another week has come and gone. And what a week it was! The midterm elections reminded everyone of Facebook's problems with political advertising. T-Mobile said it's blocked more than 1 billion robocalls in the last year and a half. And Samsung demoed software that lets you control a TV with your brain.

If you missed anything, now's your chance to catch up.

This Samsung phone folds out into a tablet

It's high-tech origami.

Angela Lang/CNET

Facebook's Portal is great for video chats... if you can get past the privacy concerns

The company has a history of privacy-related issues.

Chris Monroe/CNET

This video game helped me understand my grandma's dementia

 Before I Forget explores the impact of lost memories.

A woman, suffering from Alzheimer's dese
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This is how restaurants track your personal information

Your phone number is on the menu.

Waiting in line for sushi breakfast, Tsukiji Outer Market, Tokyo
Elizabeth Beard/Getty Images

Tracking wolves through 6 million acres of Denali wilderness

Without wolves, Alaska's Denali wilderness ecosystem could collapse. So scientists track their every movement.

Close-Up Of Wolf Crying
Viktori Zarikova/Getty Images

Here's how 5G could give your smart home a makeover

The next-generation mobile network has the potential to improve performance across the smart home.


There's a big rivalry going on inside Apple's new MacBook Air

It's between the USB-C and Thunderbolt ports.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Captain Picard is the hero we need, says Star Trek writer Michael Chabon

The best-selling author weighs in on the final frontier.

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Google's global walkout could prompt more tech protests

The "unprecedented" work stoppage could set an example for employees at other companies. 

Google Walkout Me Too Protest
James Martin/CNET