9 great reads from CNET this week

How Samsung's foldable phone fared in our marathon stress test, why religious apps are often data devils, and who helped the Joker's Joaquin Phoenix put on a happy face.

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It was Microsoft's turn this week to host a product parade and it had lots to show off, from laptops to a new OS to a phone. Yes. A phone. Again. After many failed attempts. Only this time it's an Android phone with a dual-screen display.

Speaking of novel displays, CNET got some quality time with Samsung's Galaxy Fold -- we even put it through a marathon stress test -- and concluded that this foldable phone future might actually be a thing. Also, Uber Copter launched to the public in New York this week as your fastest new route to JFK.

Beyond the big headlines, here are the week's stories you don't want to miss: 

Galaxy Fold lasts for hours in our live folding test -- and then it fails

Samsung's foldable phone survives around 120,000 folds in our livestreamed test.

Screenshot by CNET

Religious apps with sinful permissions requests are more common than you think

Christian Android apps account for hundreds of millions of downloads on the Google Play Store -- and too many are data devils.

High Angle View Of Coffee Cup With Bible And Mobile Phone On Wooden Table

Before you crack open that Bible app, make sure it's not on our list of data devils. 

Sanda Stanca / EyeEm / Getty

Microsoft thinks a dual-screen Android phone can take on Apple and Samsung

And it's turning to a rival to get back in the phone game.

Sarah Tew/CNET

From SNL to Game of Thrones, the most influential TV shows of the decade, ranked

The 2010s blessed us with a wealth of excellent TV. It was tough work, but we chose our favorites.


Why Microsoft wanted a custom chip for the Surface Pro X's brains

Microsoft bets its SQ1 tweak to Qualcomm's 8cx processor will speed up Windows on Arm and attract crucial software developers.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Net neutrality battle moves to the states

A federal appeals court has paved the way for states to adopt their own rules.

Net Neutrailty
Bill Clark

Skydio's second-gen drone, a $1,000 self-flying action cam, sells out for 2019

The Skydio 2 is smart enough to avoid trees and buildings as it follows you around. Two new controllers also help action-cam shooters direct the drone. This year's batch has sold out.

Skydio R2 drone
Stephen Shankland/CNET

Joker's movie makeup: How Joaquin Phoenix put on a happy face

Makeup artist Nicki Ledermann got in Joaquin Phoenix's face to apply the iconic makeup. "I wouldn't wanna call him weird..."

Niko Tavernise

Murderabilia sinks its teeth into the ethics of our true crime obsessions

Would you buy a serial killer's artwork? What about their hair? A new podcast investigates the gruesome world of true crime memorabilia.

Simon Waldock