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9 great reads from CNET this week

Hospice patients use VR to check off bucket lists, ad-targeting creates a creepy image problem Facebook can't shake, and a speed test restores some faith in 5G.

Facebook was the subject of many headlines this week, including a CNET investigation into the pervasive belief that the social network is listening in on our conversations via our phones. Well, it's not, but it really doesn't need to. Facebook has other ways to figure out what's on your mind.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump thinks Facebook and Twitter are politically biased and wants to know if you agree. Also, on the privacy front, San Francisco this week became the first city to bar police from using facial recognition tech.

Here are more stories you don't want to miss:

A brother's love inspires a more accessible Google Assistant

Lorenzo Caggioni is working to make Google Home better for people who don't speak -- like his brother.


Facebook's ad targeting has created a creepy image problem the company can't shake

Despite Facebook's denials, plenty of users are convinced the social network is listening to their conversations.

Joel Saget/Getty Images

Galaxy S10 5G's data speed on Verizon restored my faith

Verizon's 5G Ultra Wideband network still faces challenges, but strong real-world tests put Samsung and Big Red on the right track.

Jessica Dolcourt/CNET

Accessibility tech has a lot of unfinished business to get right

Companies like Apple and Microsoft have been making their tech more accessible. But for all the wins, there are still lots of misses.

Jeff Pachoud/Getty Images

'Kisse myne arse': Doctor's notes reveal bizarre medical cases from 400 years ago

Highlights from one of the largest surviving sets of medical records in history, now available online, open a "wormhole" into 17th century life.

Bodleian Library

How families are giving a fantastic trip to loved ones in hospice

"How is heaven going to be better than that?"


Google reverses course on cutting off Works with Nest connections

The shift from Works with Nest to Works with Google Assistant threatened to introduce problems in the smart home, but Google is now addressing those concerns head-on.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Microsoft's Minecraft Earth is an AR game for the Pokemon Go generation

The hit world-building game is now coming to our world, through augmented reality on your phone.

Microsoft, Minecraft

Game of Thrones prequel: Here's everything we know

It'll take place thousands of years before the Iron Throne was forged.