9 great reads from CNET this week

Why tech employees/parents are struggling to wear both hats right now, how the Apple Watch went from fashion accessory to fitness must-have, and what fake anti-quarantine websites are really after.

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CNET got back to the business of gadget reviews this week with the release of the new iPhone SE, which arrived just in time for budget-conscious buyers spooked by the coronavirus. At $400 it's quite the steal -- Apple packed it with the same chip that powers the company's $1,450 iPhone Pro Max.

But the pandemic rages on, and we've also been keeping tabs on how tech is intersecting with efforts to control it. For example, we looked at contract tracing apps and how they're dealing with privacy concerns in both the US and abroad. Meanwhile, lockdown efforts are spotlighting the digital divide, and a fired Amazon worker says his termination was retaliation for speaking out about virus-related conditions.

Here are more stories you don't want to miss this week:

Silicon Valley's workaholic culture is buckling under the strain of the coronavirus

Apple, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Uber have new work-from-home policies as tech culture clashes with family life.

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How Apple Watch went from fashion accessory to fitness must-have

On the fifth anniversary of Apple's first smartwatch, we take a look at the device's evolution.

Angela Lang/CNET

These anti-quarantine websites are fakes. Here's what they're really after

Researchers find that hundreds of "reopen" domain names are being registered at the same time. Many are part of schemes to collect data.

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Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook could push deeper into our wallets after the coronavirus

Tech companies have been eyeing our wallets for years. Now they might just get them.

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Facebook Portal is finally a hit, thanks to a pandemic and your grandparents

Video chatting is all the rage now that people have to stay home.

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Jane Goodall: 'Without hope there's no point in continuing on'

The famed primatologist, subject of a new National Geographic documentary, also talks about the connection between the coronavirus and humans' disregard for nature.

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Coronavirus quarantine boring you out of your mind? Lucky you

Commentary: The alternative is much, much worse.


Reducing our carbon footprint means getting back to our roots

Commentary: Now more than ever, being environmentally friendly means cultivating a more natural imagination.

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This Peloton-Beat Saber mashup turns my Oculus Quest into a sweat sponge

You don't sit and swivel in a chair for this VR. Supernatural is a new spin on virtual reality fitness, and it may save me from backsliding into a flabby slob during lockdown.