56-kbps modems set to ship

Logicode plans to ship 56-kbps modems this month, the latest to enter the high-speed race.

Logicode, a California-based manufacturer of multimedia and data communication products, announced today that it will ship 56-kbps modems by the end of this month.

The Logicode modems are based on x2 technology from U.S. Robotics.

The race to the finish is down to the final strech as USR is trying to ship the new modem technology this months before Rockwell International and Lucent Technologies deliver their own 56-kbps protocol, called K56flex, to market.

Estimated retail prices for the new modems will range from $129 to $269, depending on features. Upgrade pricing for the Logicode 33.6-kbps internal modems will start at $69.95 for a software-upgradable model to a comparable internal 56-kbps modem.

Logicode will provide software upgradability to future 56-kbps International Telcommunications Union standard, expected in about 18 months, as well as an upgrade path for all existing Logicode modem users, according to Allen Gharapetian, vice president of marketing. This standard is expected to provide a level of compatibility across all modem architectures.

Under ideal conditions, the new 56-kbps modems will be able to download data at rates up to twice that of 28.8-kbps modems but will still be limited to 28.8 or 33.6 kbps for uploading data, depending on the model.

The new modems communicate using networking protocols that support 56-kbps data transfers. Modems both at the user's site and at the central access site must use the same protocol to hook up at the maximum speeds.