15 must-see slow-motion iPhone 5S videos

One of the major new features of the iPhone 5S camera is slow-motion video. We've compiled some of the best early videos, taken by new buyers.

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Josh Lowensohn
The camera on the iPhone 5S.
The camera on the iPhone 5S. CNET

Apple wasn't the first smartphone maker to include a slow-motion camera feature, nor will it be the last.

But with more than 9 million iPhones sold in its opening weekend, and most of those expected to be the 5S, there are going to be a lot of slow-motion videos floating around.

We've compiled some of the best early ones from the past few days below.

Doing backflips on a bike, with a soundtrack:

Horses being majestic:

iPhone 5S Slow Motion Test from Sean O'Bryan on Vimeo.

Backflips into the pool:

English bulldogs shaking dry:

Massive bonfires at night:

Mustang doing a burnout:

Things being dropped into water, and water balloons (edited using Twixtor):

Trampoline tricks:

Slapping someone extremely hard (ouch):

iPhone 5s Slow motion test from Ryota Takehara on Vimeo.

Dogs playing fetch (shot with an Optrix wide angle lens):

Doing an alley-oop to themselves:

Test Slow-Motion #Iphone #5s from Debias Jordan on Vimeo.

Someone egging their own mailbox, because why not?

Dropping dominos in the dark:

Dropping an iPhone 5 into Coca Cola, then water, then grilling it, then putting peanut butter on it. There's also some fire involved in this one:

You can, of course, also see an iPhone 5S being shot up in slow motion, along with other acts of torture, right here.

Any we missed? Leave them in the comments.

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