10 must-see videos of the week

Our top holiday gift picks, Amazon vs. Google in the delivery drone wars, and is this the real RoboCop?

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CNET Top 5

This week's video round-up is chalk full of helpful holiday shopping advice to meet all your gift-giving needs.

In our latest Top 5, Donald Bell counts down our top tech gift picks for under $100. If you're on a tighter budget, we've also got our favorite digital stocking stuffers $50 and under that are sure to entertain. And you'll also want to check out our gift guide on fitness wearables. It's one of the hottest new categories this year, and if you're not sure where to start, CNET's Sumi Das and Scott Stein are breaking down the various devices available and how to pick the best fitness band for the money.

For those who need a break from the shopping mayhem, we're also featuring all of our regular weekly shows, including a new episode of Googlicious, where Amazon and Google face-off in a war of the delivery drones. Rumor Has It has the juiciest and latest tech rumors of the week. And Adventures in Tech is back for an all-new episode on why they think the iPhone 4 was the best iPhone model yet.

1. Digital stocking stuffers under $50

Buying a tech gift doesn't mean you have to spend a lot of money. CNET's Sumi Das has some digital stocking stuffers under $50 that are sure to entertain.

2. Top 5: Tech gifts under $100

Our favorite surefire tech gifts that are also a great value.

3. Googlicious: It's Amazon vs. Google in the delivery drone wars!

Amazon reveals its Prime Air delivery concept while Google has been working on one of their own. The Kindle HDX is rated the best 7-inch tablet screen, and Moto X's site goes down on Cyber Monday.

4. Don't sweat it. How to pick the right fitness tracker

Hot for the holidays this year -- activity trackers. They're wearable fitness devices you can pop on your wrist or drop in your pocket. But they do more than just count steps and calories. In this holiday gift guide, CNET's Sumi Das and Scott Stein explain how various devices differ, and pick the best fitness band for the money.

5. Rumor Has It: Watch out Spotify, YouTube is coming for you

A less-awesome Note 3 could be on its way, and Samsung doesn't care that it has a million phones out there that are all competing with each other. Also, YouTube makes a pass at subscription-based Music Pass.

6. Adventures in Tech: Why the iPhone 4 is the best iPhone ever

Spellbinding hardware and incredible longevity are just a few reasons why Apple's fourth smart phone is the definitive model.

7. Is this a real RoboCop?

The K5 robot, developed by Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Knightscope, is designed to be a surveillance robot for law enforcement, private security firms, schools, and anything else looking for an extra set of eyes and ears on the ground. The 5-foot, 300-pound robot can roam autonomously, sending back real-time data about an area with technology that does facial recognition, lidar mapping and 360-degree video. CNET's Kara Tsuboi got a closer look at what makes the K5 robot tick.

8. Ford Mustang 2015 unveiled in New York

Ford's new Mustang is designed with a eye for the global market, but it looks well-suited to dominate here on home soil.

9. Apple Byte: The best trivia game on iOS is QuizUp

QuizUp is the newest must-have app on iOS. Rumors point to a 4K big-screen iPad, and Apple acquires Topsy.

10. Curved Samsung Galaxy Round surprisingly comfy

The arched Galaxy Round is Samsung's most comfortable phone to hold and carry to date, and top-tier specs make it extremely competitive...for Korea.