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Zynga says farewell to another departing exec

Wilson Kriegel, who came to Zynga as the chief revenue officer for Omgpop, is the latest in a growing executive exodus.

The list continues to grow -- another Zynga executive announced today that he is joining the group of those who recently jumped ship.

According to VentureBeat, Wilson Kriegel, who worked in business development, marketing, and advertising for the game maker, is leaving the company. Kriegel was fairly new to Zynga, having only started there when it acquired Omgpop in March for around $180 million.

At Omgpop, Kriegel was the chief revenue officer. On his LinkedIn profile he says was in charge of making the uber-popular game Draw Something into a "more fun, social and a global juggernaut."

Kriegel is just the latest of several executives to step down from the company. Zynga Chief Operating Officer John Schappert left last month after he was replaced as head of the games division in a corporate restructuring. Mike Verdu, chief creative officer, announced his departure late last month also after three years with the company. Earlier this month, Zynga's chief marketing executive and CTO of infrastructure Jeff Karp resigned.

Other recent departures include Ya-Bing Chu, a vice president in the company's mobile division, and Jeremy Strauser, a general manager. Erik Bethke, a general manager of Mafia Wars 2, and Alan Patmore, a general manager for CityVille, both publicly revealed their departure from the company in July.

San Francisco-based Zynga, which has been struggling to maintain user engagement, turned in disappointing second-quarter earnings in July, causing its stock price to nose-dive more than 40 percent.

CNET contacted Zynga for comment on Kriegel's departure. We'll update the story when we get more information.