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Zynga quietly shutters OMGPOP games

The social gaming company makes it official: OMGPOP will close next month and only Draw Something franchise will survive.


Zynga officially has marked the end of OMGPOP, the game development studio behind the game Draw Something. The company quietly announced the closure of OMGPOP and four of its games last week in its player support forum.

Zynga will continue to provide support for Draw Something, Draw Something 2, and Draw My Thing. Although Zynga laid off its entire OMGPOP team in June, the company officially is shutting down OMGPOP on Sept. 30. The unit's four other games -- Cupcake Corner, Gem Rush, Pool World Champ, and Snoops -- will go dark on Aug. 29.

The struggling gaming company bought OMGPOP for $210 million last year during the height of Draw Something's popularity. Shortly after the purchase, the hit game started losing players. Zynga tried to capitalized on the game's following by putting out Draw Something 2, but the results have not been as spectacular. Tension probably has been high between OMGPOP and its mothership; this was illustrated by Zynga and former OMGPOP CEO Dan Porter parting ways in April.

As Zynga tries to get back on track financially, it has been cutting more of its expenses, which include games and, unfortunately, people.