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Zuckerberg talks privacy efforts at Facebook conference

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg reiterated details on Facebook's efforts toward protecting users' privacy.

Facebook is expecting more than 5,000 developers to attend its F8 developer conference.
Screenshot by Joan E. Solsman/CNET

It didn't take long for Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to talk about data privacy on Tuesday at its annual developer conference, F8, in San Jose, Calif.

"We need to makes sure this never happens again," Zuckerberg said, referencing the Cambridge Analytica scandal, as well as another hot topic of Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

F8 comes just weeks after Zuckerberg traveled to Washington to answer questions before Congress about how London-based digital consultancy Cambridge Analytica accessed information from up to 87 million Facebook accounts without permission from those users.  

Zuckerberg talked about a feature called Clear History, which would let you clear your Facebook history. The idea is that you could see information from apps and websites you've interacted with and clear it.

Updated 5/1 at 10:24 a.m. PT: Adds additional information on Clear History.

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