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Zuckerberg and Gates join the learn-to-code movement

Hollywood, NBA, and tech celebs lend their star power to get kids excited about coding.

Hey, kids: coding is cool -- so cool that everyone from Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg to NBA baller Chris Bosh wants you to do it.

The celebrities are using their star power to draw attention to, a nascent nonprofit foundation that seeks to cultivate computer programming education in schools and direct people to online coding tools.

Zuckerberg and Bosh join hip-hop artist, Microsoft legend Bill Gates, Twitter creator Jack Dorsey, and others in a new YouTube video designed to get students, and their teachers by association, excited about coding. The video is directed by Lesley Chilcott, a filmmaker who also produced acclaimed documentaries such as "An Inconvenient Truth" and "Waiting for Superman."

The recurring theme of the video is that you don't have to be a genius to code -- and that if you learn to code, you'll be a hero like Bosh or get to eat free food at Facebook. Dropbox co-founder Drew Houston, although perhaps the least famous person featured, said it best with this statement: "[Coding] is the closest thing we have to a superpower."

Founded by brothers and entrepreneurs Hadi Partovi and Ali Partovi, operates around the vision that every student should have the opportunity to code. The foundation has an all-star board of advisers that includes Marc Andreessen, Ron Conway, Jack Dorsey, Max Levchin, and Drew Houston.