Zoom's new event product aims to re-create in-person conferences

Ready to buy tickets to a screen-based conference? Zoom's working on it.

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Even as Zoom fatigue lingers on for many digital commuters, and workers-from-home search for ways to combat the stress and anxiety of constant camera exposure, the Zoom product line keeps on rolling. The latest promise from the makers of the video calling software is a product, called Zoom Events, aimed at re-creating the in-person conference experience, the company said Wednesday. Zoom hinted at the expansion last October during the launch of its paid events hub, OnZoom. 

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With Zoom Events, organizers will be able to sell tickets to multisession digital conferences and track attendance through their own custom-built event hubs. If you've already got a Zoom license and are using OnZoom, the company said, Zoom Events options will be available through OnZoom, which will be rolled into the new event management iteration. 

"Think of Zoom Events as the next evolution of OnZoom into a more powerful platform that can meet the needs of small businesses and enterprises alike," Zoom said in a blog post.

Zoom has not announced an official rollout date, but says Zoom Events is coming this summer.

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