Zoho allowing import of Google Docs files

Online productivity suite offers steps to get Google Docs in Zoho, but it's a bit of a canard.

Rafe Needleman Former Editor at Large
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Rafe Needleman

Zoho, which makes an online productivity suite, is now allowing the import of files from Google Docs.

Thursday's announcement is a bit of a canard, though, because Zoho doesn't read files from Google. Rather, if you follow these steps, you can get your Google docs in Zoho:

    • Log in to your Google Docs account and choose the documents that you need to export to Zoho
    • Click on More actions -> Save as HTML (zipped) to your desktop
    • In Zoho Writer, click on Import -> Import Google Docs, select the zipped file path and click Import
    • All the Google Docs documents in the zip file will be imported into your Zoho Writer account and will be displayed in the left panel.

(Instructions quoted verbatim from Zoho)

If you want a real, two-way link between the app suites, you might want to check out Ghost, which I covered Wednesday. But is worth noting that you can now log in to Zoho with your Google ID.

In real Zoho news, the company's word processor does have two real new features. First, it's gotten an equation editor. Second, you can export documents in LaTex format, useful for academics and some engineering specialties.