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In a world where online services, media and entertainment are rapidly converging, the merged AOL Time Warner could have almost unparalleled resources.

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Clockwise from top: Steve Case (L) and Gerald Levin; Levin; Richard Parsons; Ted Turner; Bob Pittman 
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January 10, 2000, 4:00 p.m. PT

AOL megamerger makes history
update The online services giant says it will acquire the media conglomerate to form a $350 billion company--the largest merger in corporate history.

Can new empire avoid titanic clashes?
news analysis AOL Time Warner's leadership may not be as volatile as feared--and could actually unify the ranks by grooming an heir-apparent in AOL star Bob Pittman.

Rivals pushed back to drawing board
interactive The buyout will force rivals as diverse as AT&T, Microsoft and Excite@Home to rethink their Internet strategies--and could initiate even more blockbuster mergers.

Case to Levin: Let's make a deal
The largest merger in corporate history, and the massively complicated deal behind it, began with a simple phone call between two friends.

Merger drops a bomb on Microsoft
America Online's surprise move is a frontal assault on Microsoft's ambitions to become a major content player, capping a year of battles.

Legal experts say merger OK likely
update Although the AOL-Time Warner deal is already drawing criticism from a consumer group, analysts say federal regulators should approve the deal.

AOL may flip the switch for Net TV
The proposed AOL-Time Warner merger creates an Internet superpower that has the potential to dramatically shake up interactive television.

How AOL became a superpower
Not long ago, America Online was largely written off as a potential powerhouse. Today, it is the largest media company in the world. How did this happen?

Time Warner follows a new media path
The AOL deal highlights the revolution afoot for media companies as they change to meet the challenges of the new Internet world.

Markets climb on Time Warner deal
update Stocks rise as America Online's proposed $184 billion acquisition of the giant spurs demand for Internet and media shares.

Gateway gives nod to AOL-Time Warner merger
The No. 2 direct seller of personal computers welcomes America Online's purchase of the media giant, saying the deal will have a long-lasting impact on Net society.

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