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​YouTuber says 'deal with it,' using a DIY robot

Robotics video-blogger Simone Giertz shows off a robot that places sunglasses on her face so she can become a live-action meme.

Hang out on social media long enough and you're bound to run into a hater or two. YouTuber Simone Giertz decided to respond to killjoys by creating a "deal with it" meme droid.

The "deal with it" meme is a popular online response to those who criticize your actions or comments. It basically means "accept it," and it's generally accompanied by an animated GIF of someone putting on a pair of dark sunglasses.

Giertz posted a video on Wednesday to her YouTube channel Simone's Robots showing off a rather unique robotic arm that can be maneuvered via remote control. The device was constructed by Stuart McConnel, one of her fans. But with her typical wit, Giertz uses the remote control to move a robotic arm to recreate the "deal with it" meme.

"So I have a lot of people who are really upset with me because I only build sh***y robots and I don't spend my time building useful things," Giertz said in her video. "And I just wanted to address their concerns."

Giertz wears a robotic arm on her head, then uses the remote so it can place sunglasses on her face as she says, "Deal with it."

Giertz also previously built a drone that cuts hair, a robot that argues on the internet, a robot that serves breakfast, an applauding robot, a wake-up machine, a chopping machine, and a robot to apply lipstick to her face -- all with hilarious results.