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YouTubeDoubler: For double the YouTube LOLz

We were alerted to YouTube Doubler yesterday, and our productivity went through the floor

Fancy kissing goodbye to your entire afternoon? Then step right up for YouTubeDoubler, a YouTube mashup site that places two videos next to each other -- with hilarious consequences.

Ignore the favourites on the site itself, they're all rubbish. When you've tried our links, hit us with your favourite doubled-up videos in the comments or on Twitter (@cnetuk), and we may even add them to this story. To make your own, paste two video URLs into the site, sync up the start times, and get doublin'!

To kick us off, here's the man, the legend, Rory Reid. London boys do it in their socks:
Rory Reid vs The Ventures

You could also use Doubler to compare two things to see if they're the same, like these two:
Mika vs David Brent

Martin Dobson and Aaron Willmer were clearly way ahead of their time when they directed this two-part video for singer-songwriter Pop Levi a couple of years ago. Good to see the technology has finally caught up: Pop Levi vs Pop Levi

"I'll tell you about The Spy Who Loved Me":
Alan Partridge vs James Bond

Here's one for everyone who's been kicked off Xbox Live:
Downfall vs Requiem For a Dream (warning: lots of very naughty words)

Time to put two weird furry things side-by-side:
Slow Loris vs Rainbow Road

Here's one that you'll recognise if you've ever written anything anywhere on the Web:
CNET UK vs Internet commenters

Finally, what do you get when the Goblin King takes on the (former) Mobile Phone King? Dance magic, that's what:
Andrew Lim vs Labyrinth

Unfortunately our comments really don't like URLs. But send us your efforts on Twitter and we'll update with our favourites. Seriously, we're looking for an excuse to write off the day.