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YouTube TV goes down during World Cup's England v. Croatia semifinal

Really, YouTube?

Maybe YouTube hasn't heard, but plenty of Americans love soccer.

World Cup fans watching the England-versus-Croatia semifinal on Wednesday went nuts when YouTube TV went on the fritz during the tense match. The outage, which was limited to the US, came ahead of the second half, when Croatia mounted a comeback.  

"Hey everyone -- sincere apologies for streaming issues with YouTube TV," YouTube TV tweeted. "The timing is horrible but we're working to be up and running again ASAP!"  

The understatement and promises didn't mollify soccer fans, who were quick to express their frustration on -- where else? -- Twitter.

"Bad time for YouTube TV to go down," wrote one user. "It had better be working by the time the second half starts!"

It wasn't. When the streaming service finally had the game up and running about an hour later, fans had already missed Croatia's tying goal in the second half. They later scored again, defeating England by a score of 2-1.

A Downdetector map of the outage showed it was limited to the US.

Screenshot by Abrar Al-Heeti

One upside: The outage showed YouTube TV viewers are a creative lot. Their frustration inspired a raft of GIFs that were posted on Twitter. 

"When @YouTubeTV crashes during the #WorldCup semi-final..." one person tweeted.