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YouTube TV Brings Live Surround Sound to Roku, Android Streaming Devices

Users of the Apple TV, Fire TV and game consoles will have to wait a little longer for 5.1-channel sound from the live TV streaming service.

Youtube TV on a screen, with a hand holding a remote control in the foreground
Sarah Tew/CNET

Google says its live TV streaming service YouTube TV is rolling out 5.1 surround sound on Android TV, Google TV and Roku this week.

The company shared the news in a series of tweets this afternoon, saying: "We know you've been waiting, and it's *finally* ready. 5.1 Audio is rolling out this week across Google TV, Android TV, and Roku devices."

The Chromecast and Roku devices join Samsung, LG and Vizio TVs in offering 5.1 on live broadcasts, but if you're using another device you may need to wait. 

"We're still working internally and with partners to enable 5.1 on Apple TV, Fire TV, and game consoles, and we'll update you here once they're available," Google tweeted. The company shared its full list of compatible devices here.  

The company had originally said the upgrade was coming "within weeks" when it unveiled its $20-a-month 4K add-on back in June last year.

Most of YouTube TV's competitors only support stereo sound on live TV, but do offer 5.1 sound for on-demand content.