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YouTube to get its funny on with Comedy Week

First comes Twitter's #ComedyFest. Then in May you can head to YouTube for your online chuckles.

YouTube Comedy Week
The challenge posed by YouTube Comedy Week.
YouTube/Screenshot by CNET

If you think you might need a good laugh or two come mid-May, you might want to keep YouTube in mind.

Google's Internet video subsidiary on Thursday announced the first-ever YouTube Comedy Week, scheduled for May 19 through May 25.

It will start out on the evening of the 19th with the global live-stream of an all-star comedy variety featuring a mix of stand-up, sketches, and musical performances. Then as the week unfolds, YouTube said, there will be dedicated programming that includes live performances, new episodes from popular YouTube comedy channels, and curated top 10 lists from comedy stars.

The comedians of YouTube Comedy Week will include Vince Vaughn, Rainn Wilson, Sarah Silverman, and Seth Rogen, along with The Onion, CollegeHumor, Epic Meal Time, and Funny or Die.

You can tune in to the hijinks at or follow along on Twitter via #ComedyWeek.

And speaking of Twitter, the home of the 140-character quip will be holding its own online comedy fest next week at #ComedyFest.