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YouTube tips we bet you didn't know

Want a faster way to find the content you're seeking in a YouTube video? Or maybe you just need a shortcut to the mute option? You'll wish you knew these shortcuts all along.

Paul F. Tompkins on YouTube. Nicole Cozma/CNET

It's easy to spend hours watching YouTube videos about, well, pretty much anything. Using your mouse to adjust a setting isn't exactly slow, but in some cases, the keyboard shortcuts are much faster. Here is a list of the best YouTube keyboard shortcuts you should start using right now:

These shortcuts work when you open a new video, without needing to click anything in the player.

  • J - Jump back 10 seconds.
  • K - Toggles play/pause.
  • L - Jump forward 10 seconds.
  • M - Mutes the audio.

The following shortcuts may only work once you've clicked somewhere on the player (play, pause, volume, etc).

  • Left/right arrows - Rewind or fast-forward 5 seconds.
  • Up/down arrows - Volume control.
  • Numerals 1 through 9 - Skip to 10%-90%, respectively.
  • Home - Jump to start of video.
  • End - Jump to end of video.
  • F - Enter fullscreen mode.
  • Esc - Exit fullscreen mode.

Do you have another shortcut to add to the list? Share it in the comments.