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YouTube plays two billion videos per day: Is anyone, anywhere, doing any work?

YouTube is playing a whopping two billion videos every day as it reaches its fifth birthday

YouTube, the Web's favourite video-sharing time-sucker, is celebrating its fifth birthday with the news that it plays a whopping 2 billion videos every day.

YouTube claims it has added its second billion daily views in just seven months, having announced that it passed a billion per day in October 2009. From humble beginnings in January 2005 as a sharing and streaming site for video bloggers and chaps visiting the zoo, YouTube has exploded into the lip-syncing, cat-slinking, Google-owned, HD, 3D behemoth we know and love, complete with its very own CNET UK channel.

The site had its teething problems in its infancy, of course: mainly involving the brouhaha about copyright that has seen music videos pulled from the site, and an ongoing war of attrition with Viacom.

Still we salute YouTube. Without it, we might actually have to do some work, and nobody wants that. On that note, tilt your monitor away from the boss and check out our top ten funniest tech videos ever made.