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YouTube makes it easier to figure out which song is in that video

Clicking "Show more" under the video will give you info on where the music comes from.

YouTube app on digital devices

YouTube is adding a new music ID feature.


A rough idea of what the feature looks like.

YouTube/Screenshot by Sean Hollister/CNET

Ever heard a new song you love featured in a YouTube video, but had no idea what it's called? YouTube is now rolling out a new feature called "Music in this video" that will make it easier to figure it out.

When you're watching a video with a song you love, click "Show more" beneath the video for the song's name, artist, writers, licensors and a link to the official artist channel or music video when available.

The new feature makes ID'ing music easier, but it also helps credit the artists and labels behind the music. It's an expansion of the current Content ID system, which makes it easier for creators to claim ownership of their content.

YouTube says the Music in this video feature is already available for over half a billion videos, and that it will continue to expand.