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YouTube lets you edit videos, make cats look better

Video editing has finally come to YouTube, so you can rotate, add filters, and improve the colours on your fave cat video. And... action!

We've all been there: you've captured on video what can only be described as a masterpiece, a one-off that can never be repeated. Maybe a cat did something funny. Obviously you want to upload it to YouTube, but there's a lot of preamble you want to get rid of where the cat isn't doing anything funny.

Well now you can upload it straight to YouTube and edit the video right on the site. No need to mess about with Final Cut or iMovie, just chuck it up there and get tweaking.

If you just want basic tweaks, the quick fix menu lets you rotate, brighten a dark shot, adjust contrast, colour and saturation, trim the beginning or end, and stabilise shaky videos. YouTube being owned by Google, an 'I'm feeling lucky' button analyses your vid and does some perfunctory improvements. Ideal if you're in a rush to get your masterpiece up there.

But where it gets more creative is with the effects tools. Developed in collaboration with Picnik, the web-based photo editing service Google also owns, these presets let you make your movies black and white, add Instagram-style old fashioned effects, and so on. You can also add royalty-free music to your video. Curiosity Killed The Cat, maybe?

YouTube launched a cloud-based video editor in June last year, but this new function lets you edit direct from the site rather than having to upload the video again.

"We noticed a lot of the videos that were uploaded to YouTube could use some polish, some basic video editing," YouTube product manager Jason Toff told CNET. He said lots had extra footage that could be trimmed, or were shaky and could use some stabilisation. Hey presto, the editing function was born.

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