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YouTube launches Super Stickers for fans to pay creators

Similar to Super Chats, the stickers are the latest paid feature.

YouTube Super Stickers include new characters.

YouTube launched paid "Super Stickers" in 60 countries Tuesday as a new way for fans to send money into the hands of creators they want to support. It's the latest in a lineup of features broadening the ways creators can make money on YouTube other than just ads. 

YouTube is initially launching eight sticker packs, five of which are animated. 


The stickers, which include new cartoony characters like a lemon wearing a cape or a fox giving a thumbs-up, are the newest paid feature amid the persistent monetization drama at YouTubeGoogle's massive video site, which has 1.9 billion monthly users, mostly pays back money to its creators by sharing advertising revenue with them. After advertisers boycotted YouTube following a string of reports that ads were running next to offensive videos, YouTube tightened its policies that let uploaders make money. Disgruntled creators referred to it as "Adpocalypse." Even a few years later, the stricter rules have continued to trigger complaints

The Super Stickers are similar to Super Chats, a paid feature that lets fans highlight their messages in a live chat or during a video premiere. Super Stickers and Super Chats both are available to certain creators who are at least 18 years old, have at least 1,000 channel subscribers and are already approved to make money on their channels. 

YouTube is initially launching eight sticker packs, five of which are animated, and it's offering translated sticker packs for English, French, Japanese, Korean and Portuguese. It said it'll add more stickers in the coming months. 

Super Stickers aren't available on age-restricted, unlisted or private videos, nor for videos with live chat turned off.

Among other paid features, YouTube recently added merchandising shelves and monthly paid subscriptions for some creators. 

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