YouTube Giving makes contributing to charities easier

The site is adding features designed to help nonprofits raise more money.

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Sean Keane

YouTube is allowing creators to add a Donate button to their videos, making it easier for viewers to donate to charity.


YouTube is making charitable donations through the site easier with new Giving features.

These additions include beta versions of fundraising and donation-matching tools, as well as Super Chat for Good, a variant on the "tip jar" it added in 2017, the company said Thursday in a blog post.

A Fundraiser feature allows creators and nonprofits to embed a Donate button in their videos and live streams, allowing YouTube to "take care of the logistics and payment processing."

If you want to see it in action (and potentially help animals), the Hope for Paws fundraiser is live now.

For creators looking to pool their efforts, YouTube's Community Fundraisers will show up on multiple creators' videos simultaneously and display the collective sum of money raised. The St. Jude Play Live fundraiser, which is raising money to fight childhood cancer, is showcasing the feature.

YouTube will also add Campaign Matching to show matching pledges from creators and companies within a Fundraiser. It's scheduled to arrive in the coming weeks.

Super Chat allows viewers to pay a performer to have their message pinned up high in the regular chat feed, and its "for Good" variant will see 100 percent of purchases going to the performer's chosen cause.

"Our inspiration for building YouTube Giving tools has been you -- the way you use your voices to create impact on important issues, whether helping out in a crisis or championing a cause," the company said.