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YouTube dodgy VHS 'tape' mode honours VCR, is nostalgic

The novelty mode is a nod to old-timey VHS tapes, and their gleefully dodgy quality.

Always up for tinkering with its own products with no warning, Google has added a nostalgia-riddled 'tape' mode to certain YouTube clips.

The new filter, which can be triggered by clicking the tiny tape icon on some clips -- including the goat-filled ad for Facebook Home -- adds old-school VHS effects to a clip.

That means wobbling at the top and bottom of the frame, a giant dollop of static, and loads of the blurring that rendered your old home movies completely unwatchable.

Best of all, when you press 'pause' on a video it doesn't remain static, but wobbles with all the demented energy of an 80s child who's watched a recorded-from-the-telly copy of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie too many times.

If you want a view of how far video tech has progressed, I'd recommend pausing VHS mode, then enabling 1080p-quality playback, disabling VHS mode and pressing play.

YouTube explains it's added the mode in celebration of the first VCR's 57th birthday. The post doesn't detail which model was first, but it's likely in reference to the Ampex VRX-1000, built in 1956. A fine machine, but you'd have struggled to fit it under your telly.

YouTube often fiddles with its video player, adding Easter eggs for keen-eyed viewers. Nothing beats 2010's hidden game of Snake, but this comes close.

What are your fondest VHS memories? Let me know in the comments, or on our crystal-clear Facebook wall.