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Google Drive desktop
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The long-awaited cloud storage service from Google is finally available to the masses, allowing you to store, access, and share your files on a platform dubbed Google Drive.

Google Docs has been retired and replaced by Drive, leaving you with one place to create and manage all your documents and files.

You get 5GB of free storage, the ability to view and store dozens of file types, and integration with other Google services, like Google+ and Gmail.

With the basics down, you're ready to dig deeper. At CNET, we've spent quite some time prodding at Google Drive to bring you the best answers, tips, and tutorials that will help you make the most of Google's cloud storage service. Follow this guide to get started:

Watch this: Get started with Google Drive

Learn the ropes

Everything you need to know about Google Drive
Are you ready for a hard drive in the cloud? Do you have friends or family who are nagging you to explain it? Use our FAQ.

How to get started with Google Drive
Get introduced to Google's new cloud storage service and find out how to start syncing and managing your files, photos, videos, and more.

How to use Google Drive on Android
Google Drive was officially launched this morning, complete with an Android app to help you manage your Drive. Take a quick look at the official Google Drive app to see how it works.

Navigate Google Drive with keyboard shortcuts
Now that you've got a Google Drive account, you'll want to navigate it as efficiently as possible with keyboard shortcuts.

Advanced tips and tricks

How to copy files to Google Drive faster in Windows 7
Using the Google Drive shortcut folder in Windows is pretty handy, but being able to copy files using the Send to context menu option is faster.

How to make Google Drive your default documents folder
Streamline your cloud storage experience by making Google Drive the default save location for new documents.

Beyond Google Drive

How to back up your Dropbox account
Storing files in the cloud is convenient, but like any storage solution, backing them up is critical -- especially if you want to move your files to a service like Google Drive. Here's how to do it.

The best Google Drive alternatives
Want the simplest cloud storage solution? The most flexible? The best free service? Here's which is what.

How to get the most free online storage
With the market for cloud storage services starting to get crowded, we take a look at how to get as much storage from the different providers as possible.