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You'll get the new Gmail in October, whether you like it or not

A new version of Gmail gets a general-availability launch in July.

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Gmail is getting an overhaul.

Odds are that you've been using the same version of Gmail for the past few years, but Google is coming out with a new version of Gmail that looks and feels very different from the current one (though with features reminiscent of Google Inbox). It's got new buttons, new "hover actions" and new features like the ability to snooze an email (like hitting snooze on an alarm clock) to have it pop up again later, and "nudges" that'll point you to emails you may have missed. 

These changes could be seen as awesome or confusing, depending on personal preference. And if you don't like them, you won't be able to push them away for very much longer.

Google just announce a timeline for when you'll be getting the new Gmail, which includes how long you'll be able to stick with the old version. It looks something like this:

  • Right now: You can try out the new Gmail early if you want to.
  • July: The new Gmail officially launches. Your IT admin people can let you opt in, but it's up to them.
  • August: All Gmail users can choose to opt in, whether your IT admins like it or not.
  • September: Everyone is automatically switched over to the new Gmail. You can still opt out and keep using the old Gmail for four weeks.
  • October: Everyone is using the shiny new version of Gmail, whether they like it or no.

If you're on the fence about whether or not the new Gmail is for you, you can read CNET's list of 11 new features coming with the update. It's got GIFs and everything.

(Via ZDNet)

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