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You can now compare ride-sharing options in Google Maps

A new ride-sharing tab is on its way to Google Maps for Android and iOS, including Uber and others.

Until we all have a Google self-driving car to get us home at the end of a long night, we must rely on friends, public transportation, a taxi or a ride-sharing service like Uber. Uber and its ilk are an increasingly popular option for getting around town, and yesterday Google Maps announced it will soon add a new tab to its mobile apps for popular ride-sharing services.

Google Maps added Uber integration a couple years ago, but it only showed up at the end of public transportation, walking and driving directions when available. With this latest update, when you ask for directions in Google Maps, you'll see a new tab for ride-sharing services alongside the driving, public transportation, walking and biking options.

In addition to Uber, Google Maps will display other ride-sharing services in five countries: 99Taxis in Brazil; Ola Cabs in India; Hailo in the UK and Spain; mytaxi in Germany and Spain; and Gett in the UK.


The ride-sharing options will show a fare estimate and how long it'll take for the nearest car to get to you. You will need to have one of the supported ride-sharing apps installed on your device in order to see it listed in Google Maps. Tap on a ride-sharing option listed and Google Maps will open the corresponding app so you can book a car.

Google states it is rolling out the new ride-services tab to Android in the next few days. As for iOS, Google states vaguely that it is coming very soon.

If you prefer to drive yourself than share a ride, Google Maps in an earlier update has made it easier to make a pit stop or take a detour.