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Yahoo's forgotten site Groups will permanently remove content by year's end

For anyone still using the site, save your files now!

Yahoo is removing functionality from its Groups site.
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Yahoo Groups is slowly winding down functionality, the company said Wednesday. Users will no longer be able to upload content to the site starting Oct. 28. On Dec. 14, all content will be permanently removed. Anyone still using the platform has until then to save anything they've uploaded before it disappears.

While Yahoo's original post said the end date for uploading content will be Oct. 21, a Yahoo representative on Thursday said the correct date is Oct. 28.

Yahoo Groups, a combination of a mailing list and an internet forum, launched in 2001. The site will still exist after content is removed, but all public groups will become private or restricted, Yahoo says. New group members will have to be invited by an admin or request an invite. Admins will still be able to manage different group settings, but some functions will be limited. 

After Oct. 28, users will only be able to share information with members of their groups via email. They'll still be able to search for private groups on the site.

Anyone looking to save photos and files can do so directly from the Yahoo Groups site. Users can also download data from the Privacy Dashboard.

Yahoo Groups joins a list of other services the company has shut down in recent years, including its Maps site in 2015, Yahoo Messenger in 2018 and web-hosting site GeoCities in 2019 (though it shut down earlier in 2009 in the US). 

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First published Oct. 16.
Update, Oct. 17: To reflect the updated deadline for uploading content to Yahoo Groups.