Yahoo's bid to own search

The Web portal's Overture buyout would make the company the top contender in the race to win online advertising's hottest prize.

Yahoo's bid to own search
Overture buy makes Web portal top contender to win online advertising's hottest prize

Yahoo, the one-time undisputed king of Web search, wants its crown back.

Monday's purchase of search provider Overture Services illustrates just how badly the Web portal wants to own an arena that once defined its franchise, and how far it had fallen behind its rivals. Coupled with an earlier buyout of Inktomi's search assets, the $1.63 billion deal puts the company back on top for now. But Yahoo still faces the prospects of a drawn-out battle with Google and Microsoft.


Yahoo finds itself in search spotlight
The Web portal's buyout of Overture Services signals a dramatic shake-up of the Web search market that could wake a sleeping giant: Microsoft.
July 14, 2003

Overture proves search skeptics wrong
Yahoo's $1.63 billion purchase of Overture is the biggest endorsement yet of the paid search model as a way to spin hits into cash on the Web.
July 14, 2003

Yahoo to buy Overture for $1.63 billion
The Web portal plans to buy search company Overture in a move squarely aimed at taking on competitors in the search engine market such as Microsoft and Google.
July 14, 2003

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