Yahoo's 30-day logo reveal finally comes to a close

After 30 days of purple fonts and exclamation points, Yahoo finally takes the wraps off its new logo.

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Carrie Mihalcik
Yahoo's new corporate logo. Yahoo

Yahoo introduced its new logo to the world Wednesday night. While I'm still making up my mind on the new design, at least the 30-day logo rollout is over.

Yahoo announced plans to unveil a new logo that reflected the company's "renewed sense of purpose and progress" at the beginning of August. To build excitement for the new look, Yahoo tried out a different logo every day for the 30 days -- because nothing says purpose and progress like a 30-day waiting period.

While some of Yahoo's temporary logos were hits, most were misses. Yahoo said they wanted logos to display the company's "spirit of innovation," but the logos I saw were largely uninspiring.

Best and worst of Yahoo's logo makeover (pictures)

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What did you think of Yahoo's 30-day logo rollout? Did any of the logos stand out to you?

Yahoo channels the cassette tape in its final logo variation before the big unveil. Yahoo