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Yahoo tackles big data with Genome ad platform

The system builds off the display ad partnership of Yahoo, AOL, and Microsoft, as well as Yahoo's $270 million acquisition of Interclick.

Yahoo today announced Genome, a data-intensive advertising system designed to help marketers navigate the wilds of the "big data landscape" on the way to more precise ad targeting and personalization.

Genome is designed to pull together Yahoo data with third-party data from Interclick and first-party data from advertisers, while also making sense of heaps and heaps of less-structured information. It's all about helping marketers tame what Yahoo terms "the chaos of the data ecosystem" in order to build brand value, boost conversion rates, and elevate revenue.

"With Genome, we can help marketers transform consumer information and insights into actionable online media executions that enable them to attain the right context and audiences," Rich Riley, Yahoo's executive vice president for the Americas region, said in a statement.

The system provides access to, among other things, proprietary data from Yahoo, including registration, search and behavioral data. It also gives marketers direct access to Yahoo's premium ad inventory, as well as inventory available from the display ad partnership of Yahoo, AOL, and Microsoft announced last November. It's also built in part on Yahoo's December acquisition of Interclick for $270 million.

Yahoo expects Genome to become available in July.