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Yahoo still mulling strategic options, report says

Company co-founder Jerry Yang says at a conference that selling the company is just one option being examined, AllThingsD reports.

Yahoo headquarters

Yahoo's board of directors is considering a number of strategic options beyond selling the company, Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang said today at a conference in Hong Kong.

"The intent going in is not to put ourselves for sale," Yang said at the AsiaD conference, according to an AllThingsD report. "The intent is to look at all the options."

Yang noted that while selling the company intact is an option, Yahoo is made up of three units (its core search and content business, as well as stakes in Yahoo Japan and Alibaba). "They are looking at a core asset that they don't know how to value," he said, referring to Yahoo's Asia assets.

"So far we have not ruled out any possibilities," he said. Interestingly, selling off Yahoo's international assets would be a key part of private equity deal Yang is reportedly considering that would take the company private.

Despite its tepid stock price, high employee attrition rate, and sputtering product development efforts, Yahoo has been attracting a lot of attention from possible suitors. Including Yang, those said to be interested in taking over Yahoo include venture capitalist Andreessen Horowitz, fellow dot-com wunderkind AOL, and even Microsoft, which pursued Yahoo vigorously a few years back, to no avail.